I’m Writing This From Los Angeles, California

Took a plane to LA from my hometown in Upstate New York. I’m staying with my friend Matt, who moved here from NY recently. So far, I love this place. There is a heavy creative atmosphere here. Everyone is making something, or working on making something. Everyone is making connections, finding their own way. It’s… Read More »

keyboard and headphones

Writing Music When You Don’t Feel Like It

Writing music when you don’t feel like it can be a difficult task. But it’s important to realize that writing music doesn’t have to be “all feels, all the time”. In fact, if it is “all feels all the time“ then I find it to be quite unproductive. Not that music itself is about productivity… Read More »

A Snarky New Year: Our Trip to NYC On New Years Eve

My wife Jessica surprised me with tickets to see Snarky Puppy (only my favorite modern instrumental jazz-fusion band) at Irving Plaza in NYC. I was thrilled! And then on top of that she told me the date was on New Years Eve!! What?! We haven’t really done anything big for New Years, at least not… Read More »

2016: My Year in Review, Resolutions

Call me crazy, but I’m going to say that 2016 was a good year. Yeah sure a lot of crazy things happened, but crazy things happen all the time. Over all I am going to focus on my community, my family, my friends and my personal goals. When I do that, I realize that I… Read More »

A New Daily Grind

In order to get up and moving with my songwriting and general productivity, I’m realizing that I have to cut down on some of my less productive activities. I also need to, at least occasionally, force myself to do things that I don’t want to do (especially regarding time constraints). For example: a few weeks… Read More »

When Time Continues to Fly…

Well, I’ve written some goals down and I’m starting to get an idea of some things I want to do. It’s all still a bit vague. BUT I’ve printed off an entire chart of 50+ songs that I want to record — a row for each song, a column for each instrument or step of… Read More »

Let’s Get This Show On The Road

Lately I have been mostly silent on my blog/social media side of things… However, I have been anything but quiet behind the scenes. And now I write to you, dear reader, with excitement! For one thing, I’ve went ahead and sorted out through all the unreleased music I have written. It totals to roughly 50… Read More »

The Beginning of Summer 2016

I tend to think of life as happening in seasons. Currently, I suppose I am regenerating my musician skills. I’ve had a hand injury severely limiting my motion since last September, but it’s effecting me less and less. And now as I move forward I’m sort of rethinking everything I do musically. I’ve been honored… Read More »