A New Daily Grind

In order to get up and moving with my songwriting and general productivity, I’m realizing that I have to cut down on some of my less productive activities. I also need to, at least occasionally, force myself to do things that I don’t want to do (especially regarding time constraints). For example: a few weeks back, when I had a day off, I woke up at 7:00… Stayed in bed until about 7:30, and then went on for a few minutes doing little nothings like checking my Facebook. Then I realized I needed to get things done, and so later on I found myself slightly regretting my morning slothfulness.

On the other hand, I did get up. I was actually somewhat impressed that I started on my work at 7:30am, when it wasn’t required of me. Sure, maybe I wasn’t feeling motivated (I was tired, ok?), but I just started to work on my music. And as I did, I started to remember how excited I am about this whole thing. I jotted down some musical phrases, and pretty much got a rough draft of a song in about 30 minutes. This wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t convince myself to just start doing it. It’s a small feat, and I feel weird writing a blog post about it. But as small as it is, I think making this into a habit can make a big difference.

I think it can be related to the way people convince themselves to exercise. My wife is a part of some fitness communities, and she is often watching fitness coaches and enthusiasts give motivational tidbits in their videos. I hear them say it all the time: “don’t think about how you feel during or before your workout. Think about the endorphins that will kick in after your workout, and how awesome that feels!”  …and so I thought to myself: “maybe I don’t want to do this right now, but I will never finish an album if I don’t work on it.” I thought about how grumpy I’d be if I didn’t get anything done vs. how productive and satisfied I’d feel if I did.

How About Some Musical Inspiration?

I’ve also been watching some Snarky Puppy Videos, and man are they super inspirational to me. I’d say they’re kind of like a Jazzy/Funky ensemble (maybe it’s Fusion? I get a bit fuzzy in the details of that kind of music). From their live recorded videos that I’ve seen, they are mad tight, technical, and professional. I may be aiming a slightly different style of music, but I have always dreamed of achieving something of that stature. And now I am taking small steps towards that goal each day. Thank you, Snarky Puppy, for the inspiration!

I’ve been working on putting music together almost every day. Even if it’s just small chunks of time. I’ll talk about my approach to writing in another blog post, but if you want to hear what I’ve been working on then feel free to add your email to the list and I’ll send out samples towards the end of October. I don’t want to post things “out there” for everyone to see just yet, but if you are truly interested in hearing my work then I will be more than happy to show you my progress thus far. Thanks a bunch for reading!

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