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Acoustic Song: In the Heart of the Sea

In the Heart Of the Sea   Here’s an acoustic song that I recorded and co-wrote with a friend named Josh Gagnon. I love recording acoustic guitar, because it always has such a natural and human character to it (even after processing). We also were able to get this song in minimal takes. I believe… Read More »

I’ve Been Playing the Violin for About 6 Weeks Now

violin sheet music

I’ve always loved bowed string instruments, violin in particular. From The Lord of the Rings’ score, to video game music, to many varieties of Classical music — strings have always inspired me. I’ve always wanted to learn, but thought it might be getting my hands a bit full. For whatever reason, now feels like a good time… Read More »

Silent Night 🎄 Aaron and Jessica Rhoades

Christmas Tree 2015

A few years ago, around Christmas 2013, my wife and I decided to try and record a Christmas song together. We chose “Silent Night” 👼🌟 and I thought that at least this verse turned out pretty swell. We hope you enjoy it 😉 🙂  

Passing Tides: a Tribute to My Grandfather

Picture of Grandpa

My grandpa was a World War II Veteran. He passed away a few years back, and I wrote this song in his memory. He wasn’t a man of many words, but one of the kindest hearts I’ve known. I call this song “Passing Tides”. He liked to take us to the beach at Lake Eerie in Buffalo…