I’m Writing This From Los Angeles, California

The Pink Wall on Melrose Ave

Took a plane to LA from my hometown in Upstate New York. I’m staying with my friend Matt, who moved here from NY recently. So far, I love this place. There is a heavy creative atmosphere here. Everyone is making something, or working on making something. Everyone is making connections, finding their own way. It’s really pretty cool. The vibes here are just full of creativity and energy.

So, I’m staying in West Hollywood near the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The night of my arrival, Matt and I went to meet up with a composer that I knew through Facebook (Leanna Primiani, known as “Anasia“). We had a drink, chatted for a bit, she showed us her studio. She has lot of cool stuff in there, some awesome modular-looking synth gear with enough knobs to make your head spin. I could totally get lost in a studio like that. Meeting with Leanna was a great kick off for my first time in LA… After that, Matt and I were off to explore Santa Monica!

We went to Santa Monica boulevard and walk around for a bit, took a ride on the roller coaster. After walking around town, we grabbed dinner at a place called “Monsieur Marcel”. It was an outdoor vendor, but they had seating and had a very nice kinda-fancy feel. I got the local halibut burger which was fantastic.

Coffee from Alfred's
Coffee from Alfred’s


Just went to Alfred’s for some coffee, where I ordered a Latte and their signature “Alfred Cone”. That was my first time having an espresso shot, and MAN it was good coffee. The walk down Melrose Ave is pretty neat, too.

Well, now I’m off find a place to eat lunch! Here’s a few of the other pictures so far.

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Matt and I, just before we got dinner in Santa Monica.
The Pink Wall on Melrose Ave
The hills, from West Hollywood


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