I’ve Been Married for Over 5 Years Now… Here’s Where We’re At

My wife and I met in 2009. She saw me playing with my band on stage, and that very night she told her friends she was going to marry me. We got married in 2012, and Here we are – 5 years into our marriage and going strong! It’s been an amazing journey. But it’s not 100% easy, just to be honest. There are plenty of times where I have had to humble myself, take a step back, and realize that I’m not the only person in this marriage. Then on the flip side, there have been times where I am not speaking up enough. Times where I need to step up and exert myself. I can be a little too passive, at times.

Here we are being cool and trendy at a cafe in Brooklyn ☕
We went to Brooklyn to celebrate our Anniversary. Ended up exploring Manhattan a bit, too.


We’ve come a long way in our marriage. And feel like I have changed for the better, but I am imperfect (as we all are). It’s easy to let things slip into a routine… To stop learning and start letting life pass you by. It’s easy to fall into a state of thinking that you know more than you do. It takes effort to remain humble, and to continue to find areas of growth for yourself. Typically, I think and speak about this mentality in regards to “honing your craft”, or improving yourself in an artistic way. But I believe it extends to your personal relationships with other people as well. Including one of the closest relationships a human could have: the relationship to your spouse.

Supporting each other’s dreams goes a long way

To be honest, I’m not sure if I would have known what to expect after 5 years of marriage. Jessica and I have been travelling more than ever in the past 4 or 5 months. She is such an encouraging soul to me. She gets me up and moving. And that makes me want to support what she wants to do with her life. We are better together, but we do have our individual desires, too. Find yourself a supportive spouse, or if you’re already married then become a supportive spouse.

We’re super together.

Because of the support that I’ve received from my wife, I’ve done so much more in the past 5 years than I ever would have otherwise. She pushes me, in a good way. We learn from each other, and with each other. So here’s to 5 years of marriage, and many more to come. I love you Jessica Rhoades.


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