Music: What Deep Listening Means to Me

I recently found my old mp3 player back from when I was about 14. It’s a Sansa/SanDisk m230, and according to wikipedia was released in 2006. Mine was filled to the brim with music. Was it downloaded legally? Well, that’s another story. It was mostly music retrieved from friends. Listening through, I still remember who suggested which songs. I still remember bonding with people I barely knew over these songs. I didn’t talk much when I was younger, at least not about serious topics. This was a way for me to feel and to understand more about how other people see life, its beauty, and its difficulties.

I used to listen to these same 100 songs at night before I went to sleep (since that was about the max capacity of the device). Some of the songs on here are songs made by old friends or tracks I created on my “Korg Triton Le 76” keyboard for my band to practice to.

I most likely have ADD or ADHD, so I rarely used to listen to full albums sequentially. I would more often “hyperfocus” on a specific song or even a specific section of one song. Then, I’d listen to it over and over until I could pick out and understand every detail that I could comprehend — musically, sonically, lyrically, and emotionally. A comprehension that changes and adapts over time.

One of the songs on this mp3 player is “Chicago” by Sufjan Stevens, a song suggested to me by my good friend R. Turner. I used to listen to this one a lot because this is a great song for deep listening in my opinion.

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