Pressing Forward in 2015

Ahhhh it’s been a while. Where have I left off? Oh yes. I said I was going to be announcing some big news. Wellll, let’s just say that was probably a phase… I wanted to do something crazy because I got inspired by other people. Not a bad thing, really. But the feeling didn’t stick.

I wanted to become an engineer. It’s not a bad idea really, and I think I would enjoy it very much. I’m still interested in engineering. It fascinates me, and I respect people who do that. But my hands are a bit too full to go back to college full time, and I’m half way through an Associates computer degree. Maybe I’ll feel the pressure again, but hey there was also a time when I wanted to drop everything and become a ninja. That’s another story…. Basically now that I have thought about it some more, I realize it would be a bit silly for me to completely change course right now. I’m making milestones and reaching goals in Web Design and music. Two things that I have been passionate about for quite some time.

Basically my mind works in this weird way and I’m always brainstorming things. There are plenty of times where I look back and think… “what the heck was I thinking there. Lol idiot”. And then there are some ideas that stick for a while…. I have so much on my bucket list, I’m almost thinking I should start writing them down. Anyway why am I rambling about this?

I’ve been stuck in a rut. I’ve been having a tough time dealing with work. 60-70 hours a week, full time night shift. I’ve always hated the night shift. In my particular job, there’s too much time to sit and do nothing but think about all the things I “could be” doing right now. But I’ve recently felt a resurgence of hope within me. Thanks to prayer and much encouragement from my wife. I’ve come to realize (again) that life is an incredible gift. And it is what you make of it. Now I don’t have time to complete all of my goals and ideas right now, but I know that time will come. The time will come when the fire inside my soul is set free. For now, I’m taking it in baby steps, and realizing that I’m a work in progress. If I don’t do anything, I get frustrated and negative. If I do something, I usually set unrealistic hopes and become…well, frustrated and negative. This is the loop I’ve been stuck in. So I am essentially realizing I just have to start small.

I’m going to start blogging (again). No really, for real this time. In the past I’ve been asking too many questions. “what niche should i fit my blog content into? Where should I post my blog to get views? What if i want to change my entire blog down the road? Should I write as a web designer or a musician?” …I can be a bit of a perfectionist, an overthinker. But I’ve now decided what to blog about, and that is (drum roll): whatever the heck I freakin want to blog about. I am not going to care about fitting into some genre, I am just going to be myself. So read whatever you want, skip whatever you want. I’m just going to do it.

I’m not going to pester myself with limitations about “well my readers might not care to hear about….” I don’t even have readers yet. Because I haven’t blogged much.

This is A personal blog. There you have it. This will be a blog about heavy metal, classical music, the Albany “music” scene, web design, life stories, 90’s video games, superheroes, faith, and complainy rants about how much I hate pop culture.

ENJOY. Or don’t. Either way.

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Michael Lamb

I used to work the third shift at the telephone company as a computer operator in the late 60’s so I know what you mean about night shift. I didn’t like it. Had I stayed there I would be very well off now but I wouldn’t have experienced all that I did. Very good start to your new blog. – Uncle Mike

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