Aaron Rhoades Has A New Shirt And It’s Totally Awesome

Those of you who are privileged enough to know the one and only Aaron Rhoades himself in person, may also know that he is often found wearing some kind of nerd graphic tee. As if this doesn’t make him cool enough, he has a new one that will completely blow your mind.
Aaron Full

That’s right folks, it’s a spider-man shirt. Aaron was seen in target with his wife and child last month checking out this shirt. Aaron then said things to his wife like “I wouldn’t be mad if you bought me this shirt” and “thanks for dinner tonight honey, you’re a great cook. I would also really like that spider man shirt”.

“but isn’t that venom?”, you might say. In our exclusive interview, Aaron states that n00bs from the capital region are giving him compliments such as “nice, I love venom”, or “sweet venom shirt, he’s cooler than spider-man anyway.” Aside from the fact that venom is, in fact, not cooler than spider-man, this is simply not a venom shirt.

Upon close examination of the two symbols, you will find that venom’s spider is in fact white, while the symbol in this shirt is simply outlined in white. Venom’s spider legs are also all pointing in the same direction. Some variations have the legs pointing slightly different, but still a white spider and the legs have a more edgy look to them.

So, basically, this is a toned down spider-man shirt. I mean, if you’re wearing spider-man shirts every day you don’t ALWAYS want to be red and blue, right? You need some variety, plusĀ it just looks super awesome in black and grey.

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