Where Do I Find Motivation?

I’ve seen a lot of people asking about motivation lately. All from different sources — Twitter, Facebook groups/posts, private messages with friends. People are struggling with motivation, and that doesn’t surprise me entirely considering everything we’ve been through in the last year. The world seems to be in a constant flux of energy and direction… Continue reading Where Do I Find Motivation?

The (Music) Artist Mentality

Artists paint, artists draw, artists sculpt, artists make music. What is this “artist” thing and why is everybody chasing it? Art makes us feel fulfilled, art makes us feel alive. Art helps us become who we are meant to be. When I say “artist” here, I’m mostly talking about music artists. Because that’s primarily how… Continue reading The (Music) Artist Mentality

Creativity and Innovation

As a creative person,  it can often feel difficult to maintain specific concepts, sounds, or themes over long periods of time. My creative mind wants to innovate and reinvent things, so I think that’s why it becomes difficult to finish out specific projects on occasion (either that or some form of ADD/ADHD). Plenty of artists change their… Continue reading Creativity and Innovation

How the Stranger Things Soundtrack Inspired Me to Write an EP

They have a logo maker. I couldn't not use the logo maker.

[Note: this is an older post that had been sitting around in my drafts. But, it shows one part of what I was thinking while writing my debut EP “Rebirth” before it became what it was.] A lot of my friends have been talking about the Stranger Things soundtrack after season 1 released. Honestly, I… Continue reading How the Stranger Things Soundtrack Inspired Me to Write an EP

A Snarky New Year: Our Trip to NYC On New Years Eve

Michael League, Photo by Stella K

My wife Jessica surprised me with tickets to see Snarky Puppy (only my favorite modern instrumental jazz-fusion band) at Irving Plaza in NYC. I was thrilled! And then on top of that she told me the date was on New Years Eve!! What?! We haven’t really done anything big for New Years, at least not… Continue reading A Snarky New Year: Our Trip to NYC On New Years Eve

A New Daily Grind

In order to get up and moving with my songwriting and general productivity, I’m realizing that I have to cut down on some of my less productive activities. I also need to, at least occasionally, force myself to do things that I don’t want to do (especially regarding time constraints). For example: a few weeks… Continue reading A New Daily Grind