Creativity and Innovation

creative innovation

As a creative person,  it can often feel difficult to maintain specific concepts, sounds, or themes over long periods of time. My creative mind wants to innovate and reinvent things, so I think that’s why it becomes difficult to finish out specific projects on occasion (either that or some form of ADD/ADHD).

Plenty of artists change their sound and stray from the norm. It seems like it’s part of the definition of artistry. But I think ideally there are at least a few constants throughout an artists body of work. Sometimes it’s a concept buried deep within the trenches of an artist’s repertoire, other times it’s a specific palette or style.

Maintaining is when creativity lies dormant, feels underutilized. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a need for creative work, but any line of work is built on the foundations of creativity or innovation if you think about it. Creativity calls for thinking outside of the box, evolution. But, in turn, it creates a new box to be out-thought in the future. A given thought can only be creative within a certain context. And then the narrative of creation as a whole begins to shifts the very context itself.

What is innovation?

Innovation is problem-solving. Thinking about an existing problem in a new way, and implementing solutions to that problem. It’s when that creative spark becomes useful in a practical way to humanity.

Art and music can be considered innovative to those of whom it impacts. It can be used to aid in social problems, enhance communication (“tell your story”), and support emotional needs. Music can depict a culture, or sculpt it.

Successful innovation is born from a series of failures that are improved with each iteration. We see traces of this type of innovation when an artist tries something new, but it’s not generally received well by the public. Perhaps it’s “not as good as their last album”, but that’s because they aren’t trying to copy and paste previous works. They’re taking risks that allow them to grow.

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