Breaking News: Aaron’s New Website Launch

Hooray! It’s up and running! How do you like it? This is my new website design that I’ve been spending the past however many months working on. It took me a while to squeeze in those hours between work, work, and work… and school, but I’ve finally done it. Heck, if you like it then e-mail me and I can make you a website (don’t worry, I’ll make it quicker than I did mine). But, this website isn’t technically about my life as a web designer…

As you probably already know, I am a musician and I enjoy writing music. This is where I’ll be making updates on that. Mostly my own musical adventures, as well as whatever else the heck I feel like blogging about (you might see some Dust and Ashes updates here and there). If you’re a musician and/or home-recording enthusiast, you’ll probably find lots of helpful tips here and there. If you’re not, perhaps you’ll enjoy it anyway! I’ll be making a few other posts shortly to help you get a feel for things. So if you like it, go ahead and fill out that Newsletter form that I spent hours working on! (not really, I just pulled that part from somewhere.)

Comment below – Let me know what you think of the new website!

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