Now Accepting Recording Clients

mic collection

Yeahhh! OK so I have been collecting gear, studying, and practicing audio recording since I was like 14. I have recently made some key additions and now I can obtain some pretty stellar results. While I am open for whatever, I would LOVE to record something along the lines of rock, metal, punk, or anything with a drum set/guitars/bass and whatnot.

I hope you’re all as excited as I am! Not sure why you would be.. Unless you’ve been dying to get a decent recording deal with good results.

Prices will be reasonable, I’m thinking about temporarily setting it at 30 bucks per member/instrument per 8 hour day, with a minimum of $90. But some projects can take longer, some projects can be quicker. Basically you’ll need to message me and we’ll discuss pricing, I’m just throwing that out there to give you a rough idea and let you know that I’m going to be rather cheap for now.

Contact me at [email protected], and you can see my gear list here. Let me know if you’re interested!

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