The (Music) Artist Mentality

Artists paint, artists draw, artists sculpt, artists make music. What is this “artist” thing and why is everybody chasing it? Art makes us feel fulfilled, art makes us feel alive. Art helps us become who we are meant to be.

When I say “artist” here, I’m mostly talking about music artists. Because that’s primarily how I see myself these days. But I think many of the same concepts that apply to music artists also apply to other types of artists. A quiet room is our sonic canvas. We paint it with our sound. Your fingertips at the keyboard are like the graphite on the paper.

Being an artist is almost like a personality trait. Our experiences with music have shaped who we are. It’s about doing what you love to do. Money means nothing. And if you feel like the market is oversaturated, it probably means you’re consuming too much and not creating enough. Be more of a creator, you’ll find your space.

Release your expressive thoughts. You can still be an artist without releasing a song every day. You’re more of an artist when you’re in your element than you are when you’re scrolling on Instagram. But then again, if you want to show your work, you have to have some kind of balance. I’m all about balance. Don’t overextend yourself to the point where you’ve lost your meaning, but don’t sit around doing nothing.

Keep experimenting, find what works for you. You may never feel you’ve truly found it, but the active search is where you thrive.

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